söndag 27 januari 2008

UK political sleaze outbreak

The news is full of stories about politicians who have been accepting large amounts of cash for their campaigns to get elected to various political positions.

It is easy to understand why people would give money away for this kind of thing, but why does anyone crave political office? Especially positions like US President and Prime Minister in the UK. It is my idea of spending a period in hell.

Gordon Brown, for instance, wanted to be Prime Minister for years. Now he has got his wish, just when things have all gone wrong. Any sensible person in that position would be sorry they had ever got the job.

This is a good argument for monarchy. At least the head of the country never wanted to be.

Democracy, especially UK and US-style, seems to almost guarantee that the countries are run by ambitious and stupid people with debts to the vested interest groups that have helped them gain office. Which is not a new observation, as the same point was made in Plato's Republic.

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