söndag 13 januari 2008

Catholic schools under attack by Labour MPs

Labour MPs are indignant about the success of religious schools, especially Catholic schools. They claim that middle class parents are playing the system to get their children into one. A new concern is the number of children being baptized.

This is strange because I thought that religion was considered completely uncool these days. I am surprised as I was under the impression that most of the pupils at the local Catholic secondary school hardly ever darken the doors of a church. Perhaps there is something about the Catholics whom the non-Catholics meet at their school that makes them admired as role models.

Why the "faith schools" are successful is an interesting question. The large number these days, especially on the liberal Left, who take a strongly anti-religious stance are generally unwilling to ask it as the answer might upset them. And so they tend to dismiss their success as "cherry picking". The curious thing is that fifty years ago, the Catholic schools were notoriously rough, so something has changed.

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