måndag 14 januari 2008

Britain's terrible trains

Thameslink has been taken over by First Group who have rebranded it as "First Capital Connect", a meaningless term if ever there was one. One lot of people who have done well from the railway privatisation are publicity companies who do branding and that kind of marketing nonsense, trying to present less and worse as more and better, as if people are fooled.

The trains have been refurbished (they needed it), with a psyschedelic livery on the outside. The inside is another story. The seats seem even more tightly packed than they were before. The other evening I was sitting in the empty corner seat where the red bag is and the largish guy on the left came and sat opposite me. As my knee has been playing up and I cannot tuck it right under myself without it hurting, I was forced out of my seat and had to stand.

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