söndag 13 januari 2008

Liturgical language row

The 1973 translations of the Catholic liturgy done by the ICEL are having to be replaced by something more true to the Latin. This has aroused protest by the ageing liberals, who continue to defend the 1973 version.

It is a terrible translation, and now it is dated too. The translators could not even get the response "Et cum spiritu tuo" correct, transforming it into the bizzare and awkward "And also with you".

Some other languages at least have been accurately translated.

But now congregations in many parishes come from so many different countries, and people are travelling abroad so frequently that there is little point in using a vernacular liturgy. If the clergy were doing their job properly, in accordance with the various documents that have been repeatedly issued on the subject, they would make sure that their parishioners were familiar with the Latin texts and simpler Gregorian chants, a task that would start in the Catholic schools.

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