onsdag 9 januari 2008

Kibera, Nairobi, the world's largest slum

When the troubles broke out in Kenya after the elections, a TV commentator described the country as one of Africa's successes.

If this is success, what does failure look like? So is Africa a basket case? It does not have to be but the continent needs land reform. The right sort of land reform. Which is not just land distribution.

This photograph comes from the Church Missionary Society, which like other Christian bodies, has projects all over Africa. It is good work, but never more than tinkering. Sadly, Catholic Church organisations do not have any better grip on the problem and the underlying issues of economic justice.

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David sa...

Henry, you have no idea - CMS is not 'tinkering around the edges', read about the Radkovics in Kibera: Joe Radkovic is helping churches to develop an obstetric clinic that will become a base to plant a church in Korogocho, a slum in the east of Nairobi.


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