söndag 13 januari 2008

Britain today - disturbing news items

There were a couple of really disturbing news items today. The first was about a student with terminal cancer who was deported to Ghana, only to find that she could not receive the treatment she needed in Accra. It was said that the immigration officials had checked and found that the treatment was available. Obviously they did not check hard enough. They should be sacked. And as if any serious problem would have arisen, or bad precedent set, if she had been allowed to stay.

The second was about a young man who had been stabbed to death when he tried to intervene in some yobbery near where he lived. His mother received a payment from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, but the amount was reduced on review, on the grounds that he had contributed to his own death.

This was later reversed but what kind of people are they that sit on these committees?

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