måndag 21 januari 2008

Train passengers invited to bus rally

If you are a bus enthusiast you might enjoy riding in these middle-aged vehicles. If you are just trying to get somewhere by train on a Sunday you could be less keen to find yourself having to make part of the journey on a bus, taking much longer on the way.

Railways which are used heavily and constantly, day-in and day-out, have to be closed from time to time for maintenance. But the construction of short lengths of connecting track would considerably shorten some journeys - for instance, it would enable trains to get from Brighton to London via Horsham without having to go into Littlehampton and out again, which adds a further 15 minutes to the detour. And reinstating the Lewes to Uckfield line and Shoreham to Horsham routes would also provide useful and better alternatives when the main line is closed, as well as giving access to small towns at present without rail access.

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