onsdag 16 januari 2008

Microsoft's Big Brother software

There was a report today about some Big Brother software that Microsoft has come up with so that bosses can check whether their workers are slacking. Apparently it monitors various bodily functions.

I never use M$ unless on someone else's computer. I find everything takes two or three times as long as doing it on Linux or Apple. A friend of mine who is wedded to M$ spends a fortune on software and support. She and her staff sit in front of their screens cussing and blinding like troopers all the time while they try to get it to do what they want. If they had swear boxes on their desks they would always be full.

So if the aim is productivity, I would have thought the best thing would be to ditch M$ software. On the other hand, the concept is interesting. M$ certainly raises my stress levels when I am forced to use it, so perhaps they could use the technique to measure the frustration factor and change their software to reduce the stress it causes to the users. Or perhaps there could be a direct link to Accident and Emergency so that people can be whisked into hospital when they are about to crack. Or it might be used, in combination with voice recognition software, to make automatic donations to charity when people curse under their breath when frustrated by M$ software.

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