onsdag 3 september 2014

How much more immigration?

Immigration can be a blessing or a curse. Some immigrants bring skills and prosperity. A few - Roma, from Eastern Europe in particular - can be a mild irritation - but if you give them a smile and a coin now and again, they will usually reward you with a smile in return, and that can only be a good thing. Others bring nothing and are a burden on the country they come to. It is tempting to try to be over-generous and give shelter to people in need. In some instances, the reward has been nothing but trouble.

This applies to immigrants with few skills and traditions which leave them ill-equipped to life in the country they have moved to. The problems can arise not amongst those who immigrate, but with their children and grandchildren. This has been the case amongst some of the descendants of those who came from the Caribbean countries in the 1950s. Some of them have been successful and are well integrated, the majority seem to get along reasonably well, but there is a hard core of (mostly male) youth who get into trouble. It is a subject which has been well-researched. The Chinese and Indian communities seem to be largely free from the problem, as were the Jewish immigrants a couple of generations before.

Muslim immigrants seem to have bred more than their fair share of miscreants. The sexual abuse cases revealed in Rotherham, on an industrial scale, are one of a number of instances. There have been similar epidemics in Oxford and Burnley. The same pattern is found in other European countries amongst Muslim communities. It appears to be a part of Islamic culture. Support for this view can be found in the life of Mohammed himself, which includes incidents that would have earned him long prison sentences for sex crimes and war crimes.

There is also the issue of Islamic fundamentalism. It is not confined to disadvantaged youths within the Muslim communities but is more widespread. It manifested first in the London bombings of 2005, but it is a source of the recruitment to ISIS and the resurgence of anti-semitic attacks on Jews and Jewish property. This behaviour arises from attitudes which are built in to the DNA of Islam. Muslim youth who feel a desire to reclaim their heritage will be drawn in to these nefarious activities.

This poses a question concerning the large number of potential refugees from the Middle East, due to the current conflicts. To allow entry to all comers is to sow the seeds of trouble in the future. Not to put too fine a point on it, experience has shown that Muslim populations are liable to harbour and breed troublemakers. There is a need to exert strict selection to ensure that the destination countries are not importing trouble for the future. A prudent policy would simply exclude all Muslims. That would probably be over-cautious and unfair, though this could be done in a rough-and-ready way by rejecting anyone with a Muslim name. A better means of selection would be according to skills; people who have lived their lives as peasants are unlikely to be able to adapt to life in a western high-tech society, nor will they be able to give their children the support to enable them to make their way in society. To allow them in will breed future generations of misfits and worse.

fredag 29 augusti 2014

Comment is not so free

My comments in the Guardian's Comment is Free section, under the name Nazarene1563, are being pre-moderated ie censored. Here is why.

Q: When I post a comment, it says that my comments are being pre-moderated – what does that mean? Does that apply to everyone in the conversation? 

A: There is a further exception to the overall reactive-moderation approach adopted by the Guardian website: in isolated situations, a particular user may be identified as a risk, based on a pattern of behaviour (e.g. spam, trolling, repeated/frequent borderline abuse), so a temporary filter can be applied to anything they post, which means that their comments will need to be pre-moderated before appearing on the site.

This is a temporary measure applied by moderators to a very small handful of people based entirely on patterns of actual behaviour, and should result relatively quickly in either their posting ability being suspended completely if no improvement is shown, or the filter being removed. The decision to do either of these things would, again, be based on that user's behaviour and activity during the pre-moderation period.

I have been forthright, in particular in relation to Islam, though always polite and never offensive. Very few comments have actually been deleted, so someone has obviously taken a dislike to what I have been saying, and it does not take too much imagination to guess who that might be.

It doesn't bother me particularly but if there is much of this kind of thing it destroys effectiveness of the forum. It is significant that during the Gaza hostilities commentators were left free to say pretty much whatever they wanted about the evils of the Zionists. I suspect there has been a decision to have a crack-down on anyone critical of Islam. Fair enough but in the end the main damage is to the newspaper's credibility as it is no longer a place where comment is free.

torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Sex crime wave

Paedophilia has been in the news for about the past ten years. First it was the Catholic clergy, who were alleged to be paedophiles to a man, when in fact it turned out that 98% of them had not been involved in paedophilia. There were some places where the incidence was higher, and the cover-ups by the hierarchy were reprehensible, but on the whole this was not a major issue.

Then we have had scandals in care homes, and last year there was the case of Jimmy Saville case, and other well-known and popular entertainers.

But the really big scandals are only just emerging - those of predatory gangs of Muslim men. This is a widespread problem across Europe. If the authorities do not deal with it, then people will take matters into their own hands.

tisdag 19 augusti 2014

The ugliness of Islam

Why is so much of the strict end of Islam so ugly? Arabic script can be beautiful but the lettering on the ISIS flag looks as if it was done by someone sticking their finger in a bottle of ink. Then there is that rough white circle. Don't they have compasses to draw a proper circle? This is the sort of "artwork" that would be expected from Orcs.

This is part of a wider picture. Beyond abstract patterning, Islam has produced little in the way of art. Its architecture has been formulaic and has not evolved qualitatively in a millennium. What is there in Islamic architecture comparable to the evolution from Romanesque to Gothic and the classical revival of the Renaissance?

The Islamic world has produced no music comparable either to that of Renaissance composers, or the nineteenth century symphonists. Where is the Islamic equivalent of a Palestrina or a Mozart? Who were the Islamic world's Albertis, Michaelangelos, Berninis, Rembrandts and Vermeers?

Nor has the Islamic world has produced anything of significance in science or mathematics for the past thousand years. How many Nobel prizewinners can it claim?

It is almost as though the lack of creativity is an indication of its lack of contact with the creator. It seems as if Islam has the power to turn men into Orcs.

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Kids killed on Gaza beach

The report was that children playing on the beach were shelled by an Israeli vessel and killed. What really happened?

If you do a search on the incident, you will find conflicting reports. One account says that the boys were playing football, another that they were collecting scraps of metal. The photograph of the alleged site of the incident shows a beach but not the kind of beach where people would relax in deckchairs and play games. There was a container which was reportedly targetted by the Israeli gunners, and there seem to be various other bits of industrial debris lying around. There was a report that the Israelis would carry out an investigation but no report of the results of an investigation seems to turn up if you search for it.

The worst is indeed possible: that the boys were shot and killed for fun. Other possibilities are that they were in front of the actual target and the shells fell short - which happens constantly when firing from a vessel at sea. What else was on the beach or in the line of fire? The boys may have been carrying pieces of scrap metal and the Israelis assumed they were weapons. They may even have been using them as pretend weapons, and the Israelis may then have decided that they had hostile intentions; after all, it is not unknown for quite young boys to use substantial firearms, rocket launchers, etc.

Like so much in this wretched war, it will be a very long time, if ever, before the truth emerges. Hamas exploits the circumstances of the war to portray it as a genocide, which it obviously is not, whilst the IDF web site tells a story that it is fighting a perfectly clean war, which is just too good to be true.

You cannot believe anyone.

onsdag 13 augusti 2014

Whose human rights are being violated?

Life at the receiving end of the Hamas firework show...

Just to let you know......= the hamas broke the sease fire for the 7 time- just 1 Hour ago, and fire rockets at israely cities...!!!!!!!!! what would you do if it was on your home ????? at your family ??? for 14 years ????? no time to take a shower..(15 seconds to hit) , cant go to schol, cant sleep at night? can live regulary...??? and above all they are bilding yunnels to get inside people houses and kill children' and kidnapped some more....? what wold you do??? help humanity stop terror....!!!! ( 24:00 NOW, CANT SLEEP..!)