tisdag 20 januari 2015

Nothing to do with true Islam?

The Communities Minister Eric Pickles wrote to the Muslim Council of Great Britain urging them to weed out the extremists. The Muslim Council in response accused ministers of behaving like the far right. In response, the Prime Minister has said

"What is happening in terms of extremist terror has nothing to do with true Islam.

"Anyone frankly reading this letter who has a problem with it I think really has a problem.

"It is the most reasonable, sensible, moderate letter that Eric could possibly have written.

"All of us have a responsibility to try and confront this radicalisation and make sure we stop young people being drawn into this poisonous, fanatical death cult."

Surely the response of the Muslim Council gives the lie to the first paragraph in Cameron's response. Obviously he has to be as diplomatic as possible but the mantra "nothing to do with true Islam" is beginning to ring false.

onsdag 7 januari 2015

Cut the cackle

Cut the cackle about how the muslim community and their "muslim friends" are horrified about the Paris murders and that this will add to islamophobia. How many of these commentators have got muslim friends?

If decent muslims don't like it they should renounce their death cult. But they do not.

Time for tough action. Put every single one of them all on a special register for a start.

Eleven dead in Paris terror attack

Why is there still a discussion about what constitutes terrorism?

Enough is enough. It is time for a moratorium on all Muslim immigration into Europe. All immigrant criminals should be deported to their country of origin, or their parents' country of origin if they were born in a European country. All mosques should be kept under close security observation and closed if necessary. It is time to take off the gloves and face the consequences. If it is not done now, it will have to be done later and then it will be much worse, if not too late altogether.


Muslim IQ

A study here shows that Muslims tend to have a low IQ: the Muslim country mean IQ of 81 is half a standard deviation below the mean IQ of non-Muslim nations. Even in European countries, Muslims tend to have lower IQs than the rest of the population. The study appears to have been cross-checked to exclude possible other factors such as skin colour. This does not of course mean that all Muslims have a low IQ; within a population, the IQ follows a bell curve distribution, but if the mean is low, there will be fewer really bright individuals, for example, with the capacity to complete a course in higher education.

This is surprising and obviously needs to be subject to strict critical scrutiny. It might be a complete fabrication. It is, however, consistent with other studies showing a negative correlation between IQ and religious belief. The latter indicate a link to sects with simple fundamentalist doctrines, and the Wikipedia article discusses a possible association with cognitive styles. Ashkenazi Jews, on the other  hand, as a group, have a median IQ of 115, well above that of an average population. Other populations with above-average IQs are those of China and Japan.

As always, there is discussion as to whether the differences are cultural, genetic or environmental. There will in any case be an interaction between all three. The Muslim case is interesting. In a culture which discourages dissent and encourages violent action, there will, over the generations, be selection against the more reflective and intelligent. An understanding of the Islamic religious texts demands an ability to suspend reason. Factors such as religious dietary laws and other habits and practices will have an effect. Women enclosed in burkas will receive an inadequate dose of vitamin D during pregnancy, which will adversely affect the development of the child. A ban on eating pork could mean that the population suffers from dietary deficiencies - pork is a staple amongst the Chinese and Japanese. Ashkenazi Jews traditionally eat a lot of oily fish such as herring, which is a good alternative source of essential substances in the diet.

Having a high IQ does not of course make someone a good person. Everyone must be treated with respect. The strong must serve the weak. However, anyone with an IQ of less than around 80 is going to be struggling to keep up with the school curriculum in Europe, and to earn a good livelihood in a technological society. They will always be on the lowest level of the economy. This would not be so much of a problem if there were sufficient opportunities for people at that level - goodness knows, there is no shortage of things for them to do. But taxation and other economic policies hits them the hardest, and there is no serious intention of changing that.

This raises further questions about the wisdom of allowing large numbers of Muslims to settle in Europe, since they are likely to be a permanent burden on society.

lördag 27 december 2014

Spaniels against terrorism

POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations in Britain may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion.

This should be exploited. Teams of dog handlers with unusually friendly dogs, eg Spaniels, Poodles and Corgis, could be posted in all railway stations. The dogs would be trained to wag their tails and approach people and lick them. Bins full of dog biscuits would be placed at the entrances to every platform, and passengers would have to feed the dogs by letting them take the biscuits out of their hands, and then pat them on the head, tickle them behind the ears and be licked.

I think these dog-welcoming teams would be very popular with the British public.

lördag 20 december 2014

What future for the grandchildren?

Consider a country with nine million inhabitants and a stable population ie it just replaces itself. Now imagine a million arrivals with a slowly growing population, say 1% a year. After 50 years there will be 1.6 million of the immigrant group. If the growth rate is 2% a year, the figure will be 2.6 million descendants; at a 3% rate, it will be over 4.2 million, the original number having doubled after 25 years. Descendants of immigrants will then make up one-third of the total population.

People in charge of immigration policies need to be aware of this. Decisions made today will completely transform the society within half a century. What kind of a future to we want for our grandchildren?

fredag 19 december 2014

Charity shops lose tax privilege

A court ruling has stated that in future charity shops in Sweden must charge value added tax (MOMS at 25%) on all the goods they sell. In Britain, charity shops enjoy valuable property tax concessions with the result that in some shopping streets, there is almost nothing apart from charity shops.

The case was brought by the tax authorities, using the argument is that it gives them an unfair trading advantage. These charity shops in Sweden already enjoy the services of a free workforce provided under a system of workfare. Now they claim there will be a wave of closures as a result of the ruling.

This looks like a bad move; by any standards, MOMS is a disastrous tax. But look again. The tax privileges enjoyed by these charities has made it almost impossible to earn a livelihood selling second-hand clothes, books, household goods and furniture, a once-flourishing business sector dealing in items that were not of sufficient quality or age to be considered as antiques.

The tax is not going to be passed on because there is a ceiling to what people will pay for second-hand goods, so the charity shops will have to absorb it. This change should also give small businesses a chance to get going once again in a trade from which the charity shops have squeezed them out.