söndag 15 mars 2009

What is the Tax Justice Network for?

Another useless outfit is the Tax Justice Network. Their campaign is against tax havens. It should be obvious that if one taxes people, some of them will move away to places where the taxes are less. It should be even more obvious that it is difficult to tax companies because they exist across many national jurisdictions and can make their profits pop up in the most advantageous places.

The solution is easy in principle - taxation needs to be tied not to people and companies, but to the holding of land titles and based on the rental value of land. This would stop the problem dead in its tracks. The very large revenues that flow to some companies and individuals consist of mostly of land rental value so would be picked up at source. Land cannot be shifted to a tax haven, and compliance is readily enforced, ultimately through forfeit of title.

I have made this point a few times on the TJN website but my comments are never posted for people to read, presumably because they make the original articles look stupid.

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