fredag 6 mars 2009

Back to Britain

When I got off the boat at Harwich there were three pretty young women in navy blue uniforms checking passports. They were pleasant and smiled, but the checks took a long time even though most of the passengers were Danes on a day out and the rest, OAPs coming back to the UK after a short break.

I was asked what was the purpose of the visit. This stumped me because I wasn't sure whether she meant the visit to Sweden I had just made or the visit to Britain I was about to make. But I assume she was talking about the visit I had just made. But as I never really know why I am in Sweden when I am there - I just prefer being there to being in Britain, the question was one to which no ready answer came to mind so I mumbled something about being on holiday, which wasn't a quick reply because I had to translate it in my head first into English. Obviously she wasn't satisfied with the answer because I then got another question about what I had been doing while I was away, again not something easily answered straight off after three weeks away, so I said something about taking pictures of ice and snow. She clearly wasn't altogether convinced but let me through anyway.

They are obviously anxious about something.

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