onsdag 13 februari 2008

A nice relaxing swim in the sea

Jetskier, originally uploaded by seadipper.

The last couple of days have been warm and sunny here in Brighton and some of us thought it would be nice to swim at high tide in the middle of the day instead of early morning, especially as the early morning low tides have been very low indeed, leaving not been enough water to swim in unless you walk out a long way.

There were a couple of jet skiers the other side of the pier, just a few feet from the shore and we were anxious they would come though on to our beach. So much for having a relaxing swim.

When there is the whole of the English Channel to ride their jet skis, why do they have to go on the bit where people go swimming? Of course, it is to show off to the people on the pier.

We mentioned it to the Brighton Seafront Officer but he really wasn't interested, claiming he did not have the staff. How about having someone go on the pier with a megaphone? There was no answer to that. But the Council is obviously not going to do anything to enforce its own regulations.

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