onsdag 11 oktober 2006

Why am I still using film?

Me taking pictures
Originally uploaded by seadipper.
Most of my pics are taken with a Canon Ixus but it has serious limitatations.

(1) The lens can't draw straight lines and there is bad barrel distortion. This could be corrected digitally if they built in the software.

(2) It is difficult to see the image on the LCD display at the back of the camera except in subdued light.

(3) I have to hold the camera at arm's length to see the display and it is not steady in this position so it tends not to be sharp except in very bright light.

(4) The optical viewfinder is not accurate and you can't see what is not in the picture.

(5) It does not cope well with a wide range of light and dark in the subject. Light areas bleach out or dark areas do not show shadow detail.

(6) It does not do will with subjects like dark twigs viewed against the sky as they come out grey and blurred.

So I am still using my worn, shabby, Leica M2 made in 1961 and will be for quite a while.

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