söndag 15 oktober 2006

Integrated transport

Originally uploaded by Johannes Martinsson.
The green box is where you validate your ticket which costs SEK100 (about £7.50) and does for six trips then you have some money left over which goes towards payment for the next one. It would be better if the fares were an exact fraction of 100. The clever thing is that they last for 90 minutes which takes you on the ferry all the way to Vrångö and you can use the for local train journeys too.

You put your ticket in the slot at the top and press one of the buttons depending on your journey. The starting time and cost of the journey is printed on the back. The top button is marked BYTE which confusing at first as it is nothing to do with computers but means "change". It is the one to press if you change eg from tram to ferry or from one tram to another.

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