onsdag 25 oktober 2006

How to do a pedestrian crossing on a bus lane

Tramway/bus lane crossing
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Pedestrian facilities in British towns are often poor but in Brighton they are truIy atrocious.

In many parts of the city centre, there are no pedestrian crossings where they are most needed, forcing people into long and time-consuming detours if they are not prepared to take risks. If you try walking from St James's Street to North Street, you will see what the problem is.

People have to wait too long before they can get across the road, and because the lights show danger when it is apparently safe to cross, ignore the lights and are then liable to be hit by vehicles, especially buses, coming from an unexpected direction.

Particularly bad locations include St Peter's Church, Castle Square,
and North Street, outside Boots. There are a lot of serious accidents, including fatalities.

The layout of the bus lanes in the city needs to be re-thought, as
well as the design of the traffic lights.

The photograph shows pedestrian crossing lights in a bus/tram lane on the continent. They are set so that pedestrians can normally cross without waiting, and when the bus or tram approaches, the lights flash alternately and there is an audible warning. So pedestrians are not held up unecessarily and get a proper warning when they should not cross.

Easy, isn't it? But jaywalking is being used as an excuse to do nothing.

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