lördag 19 augusti 2006

Polish Immigrants are stealing British jobs

This is the implication from comments in the press and things people are saying. As far as I can make out, they are doing jobs that no-one else wants to do, like keeping the sea front clean, which is a job that is very well done. We are very fortunate to be "invaded" by immigrants like these.

One does, however, wonder why they are having to come here. There must be something seriously wrong with the economic policies of successive Polish governments if there is an apparent shortage of work in Poland. After all, there is still a massive amount of reconstruction still to be done there and there is no shortage of land to work on - it is a big country. It is also a well situated country, not too far from the main population centres of Europe, and unlike Britain and Ireland, not cut off by a strip of water. Seventeen years after the end of communism, the place ought to be thriving. Perhaps the policies advocated in the the following web site might help things along.

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