onsdag 23 augusti 2006

Is it antisemitic to criticise Israel?

Of course, two wrongs don't make a right, but I have long been puzzled why Israel is criticised for doing things that when other countries do them, there is hardly a squeak of protest. Where were the demonstrations against the sixty-year Soviet occupation of the Baltic states? How many are campaigning for the rights of the Tibetans, occupied by China, or the for the persecuted non-Moslem people who live in the south of Sudan? What of East Prussia, a German province ethnically cleansed in 1945 and still held by Russia? It may not be antisemitism that puts the spotlight on Israel, but the protest certainly looks highly selective.

As for the present action, if bands of Normans operating in Northern France were lobbing rockets across the Channel while a French government did nothing about it, can you imagine the headlines in the Sun, Express and Daily Mail? There would quickly be calls for the RAF to do much the same as the Israelis have done in Lebanon. So who are we to criticise the Israelis?

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