lördag 19 augusti 2006

Have you got gay fingers?

An article in this week's New Scientist brought up the thing about finger length (the ratio between index finger and ring finger length).

The story goes that heterosexual men have a shorter index finger than ring finger, due to exposure to hormones in the womb.

When a group of us did the test, we found no correlation, so this one belongs in the total b******s bin. Apparently the New Scientist's article only told half the story, which is more complex.

What we did find, however, that there is a correlation to spatial aptitute - ability to rotate shapes in the mind, which links to ability to do tasks like map reading and taking mechanical objects apart and putting them together again. Also there is a negative correlation to language ability. But these are only tendencies, so should not be used as an excuse not to try something for which one might not be best equipped by nature. Besides which, in this life, the marks are for trying.

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