torsdag 7 maj 2009

Possible Crossrail alternative?

The long branch of the Metropolitan Line from Paddington to Hammersmith via Ladbroke Grove could form the basis of an alternative Crossrail.

In this option, the line from Paddington to Stratford would follow the same route as the present proposal, but as a tube instead of full-size main line dimensions. At Stratford, the line would join up to the Jubilee Line.

The service would run from Hammersmith to Stanmore ie Hammersmith - Paddington - Bond Street - Liverpool Street - Stratford - Canary Wharf - Waterloo - Bond Street - Baker Street - Wembley Park - Stanmore, so the route would be like the Greek letter alpha, crossing over itself at Bond Street.

This would have most the advantages of the Crossrail, and none of the disadvantages, at a fraction of the cost. A much smaller volume of material would have to be dug out, and existing proven types of stock could be used.

It would also allow more frequent services on the Paddington to Hammersmith route, at present restricted due to the capacity of the busy northern arm of the Circle Line between Paddington, Baker Street and Aldgate.

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