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Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum
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The term "Novus Ordo" is taken from the Great Seal of the United States of America, and is of Masonic significance. It is also one of the designations, though not the official one, of the Mass of Pope Paul VI, which was devised under the supervision of Cardinal Annebale Bugnini and promulgated in 1989. In 1975, Cardinal Bugnini was suddenly banished from Rome and sent to Iran, the rumour being that it was because he had admitted to being a Freemason. There is no way of knowing whether the rumour was true or false, but it is the case that there were known Masonic connections between the Calvi murder and the Vatican Bank fraud, where members of the illegal Masonic lodge P2 were involved. I do not allege conspiracy theories because most "conspirators" could not conspire their way out of a paper bag but is it a coincidence or what?

The picture below is not the 1969 Mass, but the Mass of Pius V promulgated in 1570. The former is now designated "Ordinary Form" and the 1570 Mass as "Extraordinary Form". Now that the present Pope has established that the 1570 Mass was never abrogated, the sooner it becomes the usual form of the Mass, the better. We are having it in our parish every Friday evening and also one Sunday a month; the Friday one has attracted a good following after only a few months. I hope it will soon become the normal form for Sunday mass but obviously our parish priest has to proceed softly-softly to avoid too many ruffled feathers from those of the Bitter Pill persuasion.

Mass in Extraordinary Form

More on the origins of the 1969 Mass here

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Laurence England sa...

Good piece.

Hestor sa...

You mean Pius V surely?

Henry sa...

Hestor, yes, thanks for correction.

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