lördag 2 maj 2009

The disaster that is Gordon Brown

That Gordon Brown is in trouble should come as no surprise. As Chancellor from 1997, he, together with his right-hand man, Ed Balls, must be regarded as the principal author of the economic disaster so far as it has affected Britain. In New Labour's early years, the Chancellor took credit for successes which were no more than the upswing of the economic cycle following the recession of 1992. Of course the country would not have been unaffected by the problems originating in the USA, but with prudent management the worst would have been avoided and Britain would have been in good shape to withstand the economic storm.

As Chancellor, Brown should have seen the coming trouble in 2007, when Blair was about to retire. If he did not, it is proof that he did not understand that with which he was dealing. If he did see what was about to happen, he must have been either a complete fool, or pathologically arrogant, to want to take on the task of being Prime Minister in such circumstances. He could, for instance, have taken his place in the House of Lords and given his advice, for what little it would have been worth, in the background. The other issue of course, is that his assumption of the post of Prime Minister had no democratic mandate but was more in the nature of a coronation.

All has now fallen apart. At one level one must feel sorry for the man, but he has brought it all on himself - and - of more importance, on the entire country.

The real worry is that there is no convincing alternative in sight, either in the Labour Party or the other two.

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Laurence sa...

Doubtless he's a buffoon.

But Sarkozy is facing civil unrest and protest too in France.

In Spain unemployment has gone past 4 million.

This is a big deal. Every country is getting battered. UK is getting battered too.

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