tisdag 19 mars 2013

Vexilla Regis

Vexilla regis is the classic Latin hymn for the last two weeks leading up to Good Friday. It did not feature last Sunday at St Lars, Uppsala, and I will be pleasantly surprised if I will get to hear it at all this year. The Catholic faith and teaching is built up by, amongst other things, the succession of traditional hymns that are heard in the course of the succession of the church's seasons, and in turn play their part in marking those seasons. Without them, faith ebbs away. One has to wonder whether the clergy know what they are doing and what kind of instruction they received at their seminaries.

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Clare sa...

We were meant to sing it at the end of Mass last week until the PP suddenly decided at the end of Mass that the congregation would all like to sing Hail St Patrick... There's no comparison really. We will sing it this week instead, that unless PP decides otherwise

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