måndag 28 januari 2013

Why the fuss about horseburgers?

Kattvik - chestnut horses by Elmar Eye
Kattvik - chestnut horses, a photo by Elmar Eye on Flickr.
The fuss about horseburgers is a classic bit of journalistic twaddle. Unless you are a vegetarian or hold to the rules of a religion, what is the objection? Horse is perfectly good meat, leaner than beef. In fact, there is something to be said for promoting it for what it is - a superior product.

The only reservation concerns the use of knackered racehorses which are, apparently, dosed up with drugs which it would not be a good thing to consume. But the same issue applies to all farm animals and animal produce. That is a good reason to cut down on meat and choose free range or KRAV-marked products.

But the horseburger row looks like a stirring up a controversy to sell newspapers. Nothing of sense seems to have been said on the subject.

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