torsdag 3 januari 2013

Catholic Church can do nothing right

Whatever the Catholic church hierarchy does will be wrong. The Archbishop of Westminster has put and end to the LBGT Masses in Soho and transferred the ministry to the Jesuits at Farm Street, nearby.

I have never attended an LGBT Mass and do not know what happens at one. I have set out my views on the Mass on many occasions on this blog. The Mass belongs to everyone. If there is any question of it being taken over by a section of the community, then the ideal way to prevent such appropriation would be to use the Extraordinary Form, which has to be performed precisely in accordance with the instructions. Unfortunately, those who favour the Extraordinary Form Mass have themselves become regarded as a sectional group so that is not an option. Whilst this situation continues, the best that can be done is to celebrate the Mass in "vanilla flavour".

But the move to Farm Streets sounds as if the Archbishop is taking the gay Christian community seriously, and the brickbats he has been getting over on the Guardian's "Comments is Free" website shows yet again that whatever the Catholic Church does is wrong. Which shows also that the criticism is motivated almost entirely by hate and does not even deserve to be taken seriously. There must indeed be people who would be happy to believe that the Pope eats babies.

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