onsdag 23 juni 2010

Full marks for Ubuntu 10.04

There is plenty of good quality computing to be had without spending more than a couple of hundred pounds.

For the past ten years or so I used SuSE Linux but since version 11.1 it has been troublesome, so I tried out Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, an IBM X31 Thinkpad, probably about six years old. They can be picked up for £100 or so now, having been superseded by the X60 and X61 series.

So far, so good. Problems with the sound and problems with wireless connections seem to have been solved and it is fast and generally well integrated. In its overall "feel", it is very much like an Apple, with some slick-looking windows decorations.

System management works in a different way from SuSE and a decent broadband connection is needed to set it up in the first place, but I really don't have any complaints.

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