söndag 13 juli 2008

Penis Extensions

The rooms in the tower at Skokloster Slott are octagonal. In the one at the top is a collection of curiosities, including a couple of unicorns horns. Only they are actually the bones from whales' penises. Which raises the question of email spam, which mostly try to sell methods of extending one's penis. If anyone bought them all, and they were effective, their penis would be absolutely gigantic and in need of similar reinforcement.

2 kommentarer:

Roses and Jessamine sa...

Mycket rolig.
I guess no one would dare walk into a shop and ask for one.

Henry sa...

Oh I don't know about that, you could probably buy that sort of thing quite easily in St James's Street, not in Somerfields, Boots or Superdrug, of course.

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