lördag 3 maj 2008

Why Ken Livingstone lost

Cattle truck, originally uploaded by Nicobobinus.

In addition to the obvious reasons, like the Labour government's generally poor performance for the past nine months, and the huge cost over-run on the Olympic stadium, I suspect that one of the factors which lost Ken Livingstone the election for Mayor of London is that people resent the fact that the Routemasters were replaced by these bendybuses. These are a daily misery not just for the people who have to use them, but for other road users who now have to take extra care to make sure they do not get in the way.

Labour had promised to keep the Routemasters and a substantial amount was spent on giving them a thorough overhaul before they were suddenly withdrawn in 2005.

It is still possible to travel on a Routemaster in London but only on sightseeing services. This one is in service in Helsinki.

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