tisdag 20 maj 2008

Sveriges flagga

I am not keen on flags but this one carries values about which I could have no reason to feel embarrassed for or in need to apologise about - in fact, precisely the opposite.

There is an amusing story about the curious and characteristic faded colours. Originally the blue was a deeper colour, more of a Royal Blue and a sample of the fabric was deposited for reference. But over the years the sample faded and the flag got paler and paler, until the present colours settled on in 1906 and eventually defined and fixed by spectral formula in 1983. See history of the Swedish flag

This freshly ironed one on the Södra Skärgård ferry looks as if it was on its very first day of use. Anyhow, I am always pleased to see it. It means a lot to me for a reason which I do not want to talk about.

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