lördag 24 oktober 2015

Sugar tax doublethink

Proposals are being put around for a tax on sugar. The aim is to discourage people from eating food and drinks with sugar. Advocates of this idea have grasped the obvious point that if you tax something, people are discouraged from doing that particular thing.

So why do governments persist in raising most of their revenue from taxes on successful legal economic activity - on things like work, goods and services? Do politicians have a few missing vital connections in their thinking apparatus?

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Robin Smith sa...

This is all true.

Its also a highly prejudiced government action.

Government getting involved with things history shows it does badly.

Proving once again that all kinds of taxation are inherently prejudiced and unjust.

So taxation should be abolished prior to any other activity. Such as whence the revenue now free from the injustice of taxation.

True, the minority never elected any government or tyrant, another astonishing observed fact of history.

Even Hitler would never have been such a 'success' if the people had opposed him. Like Marx and Obama he had an enormous 'court' doing his bidding for money and power. 40 million Germans strong.

So the blame for all the world's social problems lies with you and I, We The People. Who I'm afraid are not conscious of our complicity.

And by this ignorance we escape from complicity by blaming wealth and power.

And nothing important changes permanently.

And so it goes...

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