tisdag 13 oktober 2015

Islam as politics

Too many people still think that Islam is just another religion. It is not. Islam is primarily a political programme whose aim is to spread totalitarian theocratic rule under Sharia Law. A significant feature of Islam is its antisemitism, which was present from the outset. Once Sharia Law is in place, Jews and Christians become Dhimmis and subject to the ruinous Jizya tax, humiliating regulations and other restrictions - it is forbidden to repair or enlarge places of worship and all external signs must be removed. Islamic antisemitism has theological roots and from the earliest times Muslim authors were producing texts similar in style and tone to Nazi propaganda. The animosity, which is found amongst around 90% of all Muslims, has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. Jew killing is regarded as pleasing to Allah.

It is a mystery why members of the liberal-left get so angry and throw accusations of racism when this is pointed out. The Islamic programme contracts everything that left-wing liberals claim to hold dear.

One possible reason is that most left-wing liberals are atheists and do not understand the language of religious discourse. Being a Catholic, other religions often come up in discussion and one needs to read around on the subject to be able to hold one's own in a conversation. I also did a dissertation on religious education, the topic being whether it was possible for a follower of no religion to teach the subject. The conclusion was that such a person would be able to describe ceremonials and customs but would have difficulty in putting across their meanings and significance. Religious language is metaphoric and often poetic. It is necessary to be a follower of one religion in order even to begin to understand what is being talked about

Of course individual Muslims should not be demonised, but the nature of Islam itself leaves individual peaceful Muslims in a quandary, rather like ordinary Germans under the Nazi regime. Some were against the Nazis, some were active, and then there were the little old ladies who looked on approvingly at what the Brownshirts were doing.

Any particular Muslim may be radicalised or may not, but nobody knows who is radicalised and who is not because they do not come colour-coded. One test is to see if the bottoms of their trousers are rolled-up. But even if they are not, their children or grandchildren may read the religious texts and decide to take them seriously. Assimilation by intermarriage does take place but experience in Britain is that it tends not to happen as marriage takes place within the extended family and often with first cousins.

All this needs to be borne in mind when deciding what policies governments should adopt when faced with the possibility of a large influx of Muslims.

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