tisdag 16 oktober 2012

The Feast of St Teresa of Avila

Yesterday was the feast of St Teresa of Avila, for which should be sung the Introit Dilexisti Iustitiam above. It was a big occasion, marking the formal inauguration of the Year of Faith. Bishop Anders, gave, as always, a clear and inspiring sermon. The event was well supported by clergy, many of whom had travelled a considerable distance to attend, the servers, as always, performed well, and the church was packed. The liturgy, unfortunately, was a bit of a let down, beginning with the resolutely Protestant hymn "Tell out my soul"

This should not be happening as there are good choirs available locally, in addition to the one attached to the church, plus two first rate organists. Catholic faith is not promoted by dull liturgies with Protestant tunes. Obviously changes need to be made sensitively, not in a rush and with the reasons being explained. But there is a need to get more momentum behind the "Reform of the Reform". If it is not, people will eventually drift away. Restoring the Catholic spirit to the liturgy is becoming a matter of urgency. The guidelines laid down in Sacrosanctum Concilium need to be understood and followed.

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