måndag 18 juni 2012

Answers to Aziz - 1

First you say that God is All-Powerful, and then you say he do not manage to become something "that is against his nature". This is contradictory to your belief and reason.

First, Jesus (peace be upon him) was a dependent, limited and finite being. God is an independent, unlimited and infinite being. How can something be both dependent and independent, limited and unlimited, finite and infinite at the same time? That's like saying a square circle or a straight turn. It's contradictory and do not exist as such.

If God does not go against His nature and attributes and become something like the devil, then how come this is supposedly true for the statement that He become a man - a creature contradictory His nature and attributes?

This is exactly what Muslims are saying. God do not go against His attributes and nature, and this must be applied to ALL attributes. You cannot say that God become something finite but at the same time claim that God is infinite, for the reason I already mentioned.

First, it is in the nature of God to be a Trinity – ie Three in One. This is a necessity if God is to be all powerful. There must be God the uncreated – that is given. There must also be God the Holy Spirit, for if there were not, God could not act in that realm. There must also be God incarnate, for if there were not, God would be unable to act in this world, which He wishes to do as part of His mercy. Otherwise, the world would just be left abandoned to its fate.

That God is a Trinity is already apparent in the Old Testament.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” (Genesis 1 : 26). Note, in OUR likeness. We are again given the intimation that God is a Trinity in the visit of the three under the appearance of angels, to Abraham at Mamre (Genesis 18). From then on, we are shown God as Father, Son and Holy Sprit. We read constantly of God alive and active in the world, in His appearance to Moses in the burning bush, in the manna he fed the Israelites with in the desert, and in the rock that gave water when Moses struck it in the rock at Kadesh.

Thus it is in God’s nature, in the Second Person of the Trinity, to be able to limit himself through the taking of physical form, and incarnate Himself as a human being, IF He wants. He will then act according to the laws of nature and become limited by the very own laws that He Himself has created. That is entirely logical. "God can as you say not act against the nature that He Himself has created. He is absolutely logical and He he can NOT therefore turn a square into a circle. Then it is no longer a square.

The Devil already exists. God can not become a PERSON that already exist. Neither can He become a person (every person is 100% unique) that has already existed here on earth, though we are eternal human beings. (our soul is eternal).

Neither can God act in a way that contradicts his very own nature. To be evil or false is contradicting God`s nature. God is TRUTH and LIFE.

God manifested as a human being 2000 years ago, a true man, Jesus Christ. Now a true human being is someone that fully obeys God by his own free will. In this, he differs from Satan, the fallen angel, who now for ever will be the incarnation of disobedience towards God. Jesus Christ, the human being, obeyed God The Father fully as a human being by His own free will. Jesus Christ also differs from Adam, who disobeyed God and brought about the Fall. For this reason Jesus is called by the Church the “New Adam”. He is how we all were meant to be, the example to be followed. Though God has created man true and good, because of evil we have an inclination to commit evil and false acts/thoughts.

God became a known and visible human being for a reason: to show us what God was like, in a way that we could all apprehend and try to follow.

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