lördag 11 februari 2012

Council prayers row

A row has blown up over the practice of having prayers at the start of council meetings. As a card-carrying Catholic, it strikes me a mockery to expect non-believers to join in a prayer session.

Simple solution
However, why has nobody suggested this simple and obvious solution? It would do no harm and could probably do some good, to have a period of silence before meetings, which individuals can use as they wish, since that could offend nobody. It would at least give everyone an opportunity to collect their thoughts and could improve the quality of the decisions that are made.

There is of course nothing to stop them doing that before they get to the meeting, but human nature being what it is, they will busy about with stuff until the last minute. This has nothing to do with the deity but would need the external discipline of having to arrive in time for the meeting that includes a couple of minutes of silence.

After that they might even listen to each other instead of being full of themselves as politicians usually are.

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