söndag 10 januari 2010

This makes nonsense of the photography ban

Brighton Station 2001

I read on the website of the Association of Train Operating Companies, (ATOC), that 700,000 photos of stations have been taken for a new web guide to make UK train travel easier.

"Elderly and disabled people with mobility problems, parents with young children and passengers with heavy luggage will find it much easier to get around the rail network from today, with the launch of a new interactive web guide to stations in Britain, called ‘Stations Made Easy’.

"In a national railway first anywhere in the world, over 2,500 stations in Britain were photographed to give passengers a step by step guide of how to get around when they travel by train. The photographs allow people to pick a route around a station that makes their journey as easy as possible.

"The guide will also show interactive maps of every station in the country, pointing out where passengers can find all the facilities, such as ticket machines, toilets, taxi points, shops and bars.

"The new application can be found on the National Rail Enquiries website, which is the most visited travel and transport site in Great Britain with, on average, more than twelve million visits to the site every month, and is run by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC)."

Doesn't this make complete nonsense of the restrictions on photography imposed as part of the war on terror?

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Sephora sa...

the entire war on terror makes no sense, if it did it would make a difference. Its almost like they want the terrorists to win. Or they are cowards and afraid of the terrorists. either way they are being idiotic cowards.

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