lördag 9 januari 2010

Student Radicalisation

There is increasing concern about the radicalisation of university students. This apparently means students from Muslim families who become fundamentalists and might go on to join terrorist organisations.

But the students that really need to be watched are Catholics who favour the traditional rite Latin Mass.

They are the most dangerous radicals of all, especially if they will only attend celebrations by a priest who has been validly ordained by a bishop in full communion with the Bishop of Rome. That is heavy stuff since it means they have thought the matter through very carefully and are sure of their ground. They are at one with the Universal Church, the most enduring organisation in human history, against which the gates of hell itself will not prevail.

This support can take seemingly innocent forms. Radical groupings can operate under the cover of activities like soup runs for the homeless, and musical groups for the performance of Gregorian chant and settings of the liturgy written by composers such as Palestrina and Victoria.

The authorities need to keep a check on these activities, since these students might go on to join Catholic religious orders and become priests, monks, nuns or friars, or get married and have large families, thereby contributing to the destruction of the planet. All of this presents a serious threat and challenge to the dominant liberal/capitalist atheist consensus.

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Laurence England sa...

Dangerous types! A threat to the status quo!

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