söndag 18 oktober 2009

Turning towards the Lord

Whilst the sanctuary floor is up this week, our temporary altar has had to be placed where is was not possible to say Mass except in the traditional position ie facing east. Our parish priest, Fr Blake, explained this and reminded everyone that this is how Mass was said for all but the past few decades of the church's history. This shows the elevation of the Host.

When the floor has been put back the altar will be placed in a more permanent position. Many people in the parish would like to see it go, as soon as possible, in what must surely be its ultimate location - where it was originally, against the reredos. That means it will no longer be possible for Mass to be said facing the people, but there is a growing preference for it to be said as in the photograph. It gets rid of the them-and-us feeling created when the priest and congregation are facing each other across a block of stone, for all the world like a terrified junior in front of the boss behind his desk.

Of course, it could turn out to be impracticable to put the altar anywhere else but in its original position, which would resolve the question nicely.

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