måndag 15 oktober 2007

Green Party imposes candidate from outside

Brighton Pavilion is considered to be one of the best prospects for a Green MP at the next General Election. We have long had an excellent Green councillor, Keith Taylor, and it had been assumed that he would be given the opportunity to stand as MP. And if not him there were a couple of other local people who I would have been happy to vote for.

But now, the MEP Caroline Lucas has been imposed on the constituency. I had a thoroughly unsatisfactory correspondence with her recently, worse even than any I have had with David Lepper, the present Labour MP. This is saying a lot as he does little more than forward letters to ministers who send them to civil servants who draft a stupid reply that makes out that what the government is doing is the best possible in the best of all possible worlds.

Lucas is infinitely worse. Her PA flatly refused to discuss the matter, which was a non-contentious matter about the EU regulations as they affect Brazil Nuts.

If one cannot communicate on a matter such as that, what kind of MP would she make? I could not possibly vote for her. And this affair also raises questions about the nature of the Green Party, which, now that it is within a whisker of gaining a voice at Westminster, is showing itself to be no better than the others.

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