måndag 5 mars 2007

Support for congestion charging 'greater than ever'

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In Stockholm it is a different story. Support for the congestion charge is greater than ever before, according to a new poll.

The congestion charge, under which drivers pay to enter central Stockholm during weekdays, is to be reintroduced by the centre-right council and the government on 1st July.

In the poll, conducted by Skop for newspaper Stockholm City, 67 percent of those questioned said it was good that the new government had decided to reintroduce the charge. 33 percent of the 1,021 people asked said they disapproved of the decision.

The congestion charge was initially introduced by the former Social Democratic government for a trial period in the first half of 2006.

A 51.3 percent majority voted in favour of retaining the charge in a referendum in September. The incoming centre-right administration promised to honour the vote, but said that income from the charge would go towards road-building, rather than towards public transportation as the Social Democrats had planned.

But why the difference in attitudes between Stockholmers and Londoners?
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