torsdag 15 mars 2007

Olympic Games cost runaway

There seems no limit to the nonsense that is being spouted about the Olympics.

The whole idea of competitive sport is dubious - it is no accident that, historically, the most totalitarian regimes are the ones that have devoted the most resources to competitive sports. Competitive sports as we know them today are a nineteeth century invention founded on the then contemporary notions of social Darwinism. But matters subsequently became worse still. In the twentieth century, it metamorphosed into a branch of the mass entertainment industry, and the whole thing fits well, too, with the contemporary cult of the celebrity. It provides lots of opportunities for companies to promote their products and so has become big business.

Governments are in favour of big sports events because they keep the newpapers full of stuff that diverts people's attention from their own inadequacies and failure to deal with fundamental issues like management of the economy. It was only to be expected that a shallow unprincipled government like New Labour would be keen on securing the Olympics in what is a classic "bread and circuses" strategy.

The idea that the Olympics will somehow encourage us and our children to become fitter is nonsense. People do not become fit and maintain their fitness by engaging in competitive sports but by pursuing healthy lifestyles which include, as a matter of routine, a substantial amount of physical activity. There is something horrible, indeed, abusive, about picking on young children and holding out to them the idea that they might become champions if only they train sufficiently.

Unfortunately but predictably, costs are already spiralling out of control, and isn't it strange how the money is somehow found, when we are told that there isn't any for all sorts of necessary investment.

The latest bit of piffle is about the regeneration the Olympics will bring to east London. If the area needs new infrastructure, why doesn't the government just put it there. Either way, landowners will make a packet from the taxpayers' investment.

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LVT Fan sa...

The landlords will do very well. The infrastructure that gets built for the Olympics will benefit them mightily.

If you haven't read Fred Harrison's book Wheels of Fortune, google it; it is available as a pdf file, and makes good reading!

Landlords grow rich in their sleep. Check it out at at

The rest of us pay for their free lunch. What a deal!

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