tisdag 16 januari 2007

A Land Tax is 200 years overdue - more

On 11 January, the Guardian published a letter by Kevin Cahill in response to the article on Monday. Kevin Cahill is author of "Who Owns Britain and Ireland"

"There is only one legal owner of land in the UK, the Queen (A land tax is 200 years overdue, January 8). All others have one of two forms of medieval tenure, either freehold or leasehold. When Adam Smith argued for a land tax, 97% of the land was held by about 3,000 families and the rest held not so much as a blade of grass. Now 70% of the population have a stake in a private home and, indirectly, in land. Of the UK's 60m domestic acres, the 41m acres of agricultural land, constituting 69% of the surface of the UK, are held in freehold by 158,000 people or families, about 0.26% of the population. The land occupied by home owners is about 2.5m acres, just 4.1% of the domestic land mass. Residential property is not an unproductive asset, it is the sole shelter and main asset of 70% of the population. What is proposed is an increase tax on homeowners, who constitute 70% of the population, while ignoring the 0.2% who hold 69% of the country."

This is very interesting. If there is only one legal owner of land in the UK, the Queen, and all others have one of two forms of medieval tenure", Is not the abolition of these medieval tenures overdue?

Her Majesty could then collect the rent of her land (at its current value) and use it for its rightful purpose - to pay for the expenses of government. It is a proper function of a Monarch to ensure that this is done.

There would then be enough money to run the country without having to be constantly on our backs with ever-increasing demands for more and more taxes.

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