onsdag 13 september 2006

Astonishing information about my computer

I logged onto this web site
A popup window kept appearing telling me there was something wrong with my computer and urging me to select "fix it", so I did, just to see what would happen.

It gave me various bits of information including my IP
number and location (sort of except it spelled it wrong), told me my
operating system was unknown and then gave me this information about
exe programmes it had allegedly found.

"Your system is currently sending private information and documents to
a remote computer. One of these processes (Win32res.exe) has just sent
us the following information:
- \Windows\System32
- \Program Files\Internet Explorer
- \My Documents
- Drive C:\ files

The point is that I don't have a Drive C:\ and am not running any .exe programmes, in fact I don't have any. So it is all invented as a way of trying to get poor Windows users to buy some software or other which probably opens their computers to attack as well as their bank balances.

If commonsense prevails - which is a big IF
Vista should be the last of this junk.

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