söndag 30 juli 2006

Full English Breakfast

Full English

For some reason people have got the idea that I am a vegetarian. A lot of people who come and eat at my house are veggie and vegan and they will always get the food they want. But although I hardly ever buy meat to have at home, I eat what is put in front of me and if I am in a restaurant I go for the best menu option. I don't think it is a good thing to separate yourself from other people by sticking rigidly to special diets. It is unkind to reject food when one is a guest, especially as they might have gone to a lot of trouble to prepare it.

And I always look forward to a full English breakfast at the weekends. The sea dippers go off to Carotts at Southwick or some other place and we tuck into a big fry-up. After a long swim or a swim in cold water it won't do any harm to have once or twice a week and they keep you going all day. If done well, it is very tasty but probably quite unhealthy if eaten daily and you do a sedentary job and drive everywhere.

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