måndag 31 juli 2006

Brighton's Volk's Railway messed up

Brighton - Volk's Railway

Brighton Council has realigned the Volk's Railway. It has been laid to a high standard with proper ballast, which is good, but this shows the curves are too sharp - the four-wheeled cars squeal as they go round. This is wearing out the wheels and the track and could cause damage to the old trains, which weren't designed for such curves.

There was no need to make the curves so sharp. This has been done to make way for a commercial development of various sports facililities, but these should have been fitted around the original route which dated from the 1880s, then there would have been no need to move the railway at all.

Howver, the exposed situation is not very suitable for what is proposed, which could as well go in Brixton as Brighton, so it is squandering a seafront location. Meantime there is a massive unsatisfied demand for beach huts - if you want somewhere to change apart from on the beach, you have to joing Brighton Swimming Club, which does not make non-athletes welcome (though this should not stop anyone who wants to swim in the sea from joining - you will just be a thorn in their sides).

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