fredag 9 februari 2018

Brexit cause of rotting unpicked strawberries?

Fruit and vegetable farms across the UK were, apparently, left short of thousands of migrant workers in 2017, leaving some produce to rot in the fields and farmers suffering big losses. Perhaps it is a naive question but surely the farmers could find all the pickers they needed if they paid the local rate for the job? The later part of the strawberry season is during the school holidays so that must be an opportunity to give teenagers the chance to earn some pocket money.

Or would the farmers prefer to let the strawberries rot than pay their pickers a proper wage? The article in the “progressive” Guardian does not tell. The farmer in the parable paid the wage for a full day’s work even to those hired at the eleventh hour, so anxious was he to gather in his crop. There must be more behind this story.

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