tisdag 30 januari 2018

Giving things up for Lent

A couple of years ago I gave up Facebook for Lent. I have never logged onto it again. I had done myself a great favour, as it was mostly a waste of time. I often got angry and said things that I would never have said to anyone in their presence. Quite a lot of the disagreement on Facebook was about the Catholic liturgy. Giving it up silenced me on a matter I think is important.

Many of my Catholic friends, and many others I do not know personally, spend much time and energy bewailing the state of the church in general, and Pope Francis in particular, either “live” or on the internet. Francis-bashing has become a full-scale industry. Giving it up for Lent could be a worthwhile and rewarding sacrifice. I did so myself about a year ago simply because I ran out of energy. This has turned out to have brought particular graces. I would recommend it to others; the coming Lent would be a good opportunity.

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