onsdag 11 oktober 2017

New Thameslink nasties

The new class 700 Siemens trains are even worse than the class 319 stock which it replaces.
  • There is nowhere to put a cup of coffee apart from balanced on one's lap. Had the designers never heard of "food to go"? Do they even travel in trains?
  • The uncomfortable seats have no spacers in between the pairs so if there is one large person in the window seat, his or her neighbour will be half-way off the seat by the gangway.
  • The skirting level duct cuts into the space to put one's feet so that one is forced to sit twisted round.
  •  The lighting is dim - there is only a strip in the centre of the ceiling.
  • What is the reason for the curved shape of the windows?
Horrible trains, and you can be sitting or standing in them for well over an hour as they are used on the line between Brighton and Bedford.

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Pelerin sa...

This is the first article I have seen mentioning the very uncomfortable new trains on Thameslink from Brighton to Bedford. The first time I travelled on one the first thing I noticed was the complete lack of arm rests. The seats can in no way be described as comfortable and I agree the leg room is not adequate. Obviously not designed with comfort in mind. I have only taken them to St Pancras which takes an hour and a half as it crawls through London. I don't think I could tolerate those seats all the way to Bedford.

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