lördag 16 juli 2016

Benefits of Tridentine Mass

Our parish priest has introduced a Tridentine Mass on one weekday evening a week. Printed sheets with the readings and Proper, and translations, are available at the back of the church.

People study them as the Mass is being said; one hopes the congregation can actually follow the Mass, but even if they are not, the people are studying the texts. Having them on paper prevents minds from wandering. There is a focussed and intensely still atmosphere and presence. An added benefit is that people are not struggling to hear the readers - which can be difficult as not all of them read clearly and the acoustics of the building are difficult, despite the efforts that have been made to improve the public address system.

Some of the celebrations are of little-known saints. The priest has taken advantage of the opportunity this provides to refer to them in a brief sermon. Obscure saints have their value - it is easier for ordinary people to relate to them than to the big name ones.

It is a worthwhile initiative and worth emulating.

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