torsdag 7 april 2016

Muslim murders "heretical" Muslim

In an article which is of course not open for comments, the Guardian reports that, "The man accused of murdering Asad Shah has released a statement through his lawyer claiming that he killed the popular Glasgow shopkeeper because he disrespected Islam.

"Tanveer Ahmed, from Toller in Bradford, was charged with murder after Shah was discovered with serious injuries outside his newsagent’s shop in the Shawlands area of Glasgow, a few miles south of the city centre on 24 March. The 40-year-old was taken to Queen Elizabeth university hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

In a highly unusual move, Ahmed’s lawyer John Rafferty released the statement following his client’s second court appearance."

I doubt if the accused is unusual. His views appear to be widespread within his community. They are a menace to free speech in particular and to society in general. They bring shame on "peaceful Muslims", whoever they may be, and are revealing the true nature of their religion to those who do not buy the "religion of peace" myth. What to be done with them?. The murderer could be given a life sentence, but the Islamisation of prisons is already becoming a problem. Islam seems to have the ability to tip unstable people over the edge. Should this man be sent to an institution for the criminally insane? And what preventative measures should be taken to stop what is a widespread problem in Muslim countries and can only increase elsewhere if nothing is done?

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