måndag 30 november 2015

Doro - mobile phone to avoid

Doro produces mobile phones which are supposed to be for people who want a simple device. I have had one since August. It must be the worst mobile phone I have ever owned. The model I purchased was a Phoneasy in gloss red with a camera.
  • The message facility is awful.
  • Very poor predictive text with limited vocabulary.
  • Cannot change language without closing and changing Settings, and it is difficult to find.
  • It takes EIGHT key presses to delete each and every message.
  • Calendar fixtures cannot be copied to another day or time.
  • The online backup facility did not work.
  • Battery life not good considering it is just a phone.
  • Microphone aperture is in the corner exactly where it will be covered when holding the phone.
  • Very poor build quality.
  • Squidgy keys - have to be pressed on exactly the right spot.
  • Red lacquer scratches easily and has started to wear through to the grey plastic underneath.
  • The back detachable cover has started to split at the corners.
There is more but that is enough to be getting on with.

It was not a bargain price and I am already looking for something to replace it.

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