torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Solidarity with hijab wearers

Women wearing the hijab in Sweden report that they are often treated abusively in public places. In response, some non-Muslims have taken to wearing the hijab as a gesture of solidarity.

Abusing people for any reason is wrong and unacceptable. However, Muslims are world-leaders when it comes to abusing other people, since the principle of intolerance is built-in to the Koran and Hadith. Good Muslims are required to kill the unbelievers, and some of them have always interpreted these texts literally.

Thus people who identify themselves very visibly as Muslims should not be surprised when other people react badly towards them. It is not right but it is understandable and explicable. There is a strong component of racism here because most Muslims have dark skins, but Islam is an ideology not a race, and that ideology is, in principle, fascistic.

This makes it ironic that it is those on the liberal left who are promoting this solidarity. The same people are criticising Russia for its perceived anti-gay legislation. Perhaps they should try organising a Pride parade in Ryadh? I wonder how they would get on?

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